Could it be one-on-one sessions or group sessions, Guru-Mindset is your partner to success!

Coaching & Mentoring Individual Sessions

The Entrepreneur Fast Track

YOUR Goals, your wishes, where YOU want to go! Let's talk about what success means to you and how we are going to get you there... I will be your personal coach, I will never compromise on your goals: You lead the path and I have the tools to make it to the end of the trip!

Tell me your challenges, your aims, who says you have to do it alone? 

Your Discovery call is free so go ahead, ask me your questions...


- 4 Sessions package: R4000 - One hour session/week or fortnightly - Zoom sessions or meeting (Cape Town)

- Per session: R1200/hour

- First Discovery call: Free

As the Captain of a ship, an Entrepreneur should be holding the bar and keeping his eyes on the horizon to make sure to reach the destination... But your path is cluttered with ambush: Procrastination, HR problems, finding clients, keeping at the top of your expertise, creating everything from scratch or continuously reinventing, time-management, etc 

Overcoming these obstacles alone is an incredible loss of time, why not equip yourself with someone who will never get her eyes off YOUR horizon? The Discovery call is free, simply give it a try...

- R3500 - Three hour session/week or fortnightly - Zoom sessions or meeting (Cape Town) - recommended: Minimum of two months depending on goals.

- Per session: R1200/hour

- First Discovery call: Free



(In group or individual sessions)

In these challenging times, your sales team is your asset. They are the one transforming potential customers into your income. Investing in your sales team is your best, immediate action to get your figures rising.

This fast, easy to incorporate training is the result of 20 years of successful experiences in Sales. Combining neuroplasticity, NVC and negotiations techniques, your team will have new tools and a great mindset that will show immediate results. 

Ask me for all the information you need... 

Price on demand

From Management to Leadership Training

(In group or individual sessions)

Your Management is the backbone of your Company. They are the ones who set the tone for your teams, show the path to follow and ensure efficiency... But in this challenging and competitive world, it is crucial that they understand the difference between Management and Leadership!

"There is no bad team members, only bad Managers" my Mentor once told me and after 15 years in Management I can say he was perfectly right! It is time your Managers switch their Mindset from Lion to Wolf...

Go ahead and ask for more information, it's definitely worth one email...

Price on demand

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